About Us

Admission Criteria

MSH is a two-year residential community offering women who have experienced trauma, sexual exploitation, addiction, and incarceration the time and space to rest, heal, and fully recover. We are licensed and approved through Arkansas Community Corrections.

Women seeking admission into MSH must:

1. Have a history of trauma including childhood sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking, prostitution, survival sex, sexual violence, and/or domestic violence.

2. Have a history of drug and/or alcohol addiction.

3. Have a history of incarceration or drug court involvement within the last year.

4. Have successful completion of a substance abuse treatment program or prison based treatment program within the last year.

5. Be employable and able to maintain part-time employment.

6. Be willing to commit to a two-year residential program.

Admissions Process

Potential applicants will undergo a telephone screening and individual interview to determine if they will be accepted into our program.

If you are interested in applying to our program please contact Magdalene Staff at (479) 301-2326.

Please be aware that we do not offer emergency housing. If you are in need of emergency housing we recommend calling 211.

Please be patient as the staff responds to your request. You should receive a response from a staff member within 72 hours.

What Drives Us

Our Stories

I am taking advantage of anything and everything that will help me. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to learn different things in yoga class. The teachers are nice. And I also like going to the gym. Yoga and the gym are something I look forward to and appreciate being able to do.
-Magdalene Resident