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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and part of a national network of more than 40 programs modeled after Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee. We provide safe housing and support for two years at no cost to our residents.

During their stay, residents receive comprehensive, holistic services to meet mental and physical health needs including: counseling, medical and dental care, assistance with application for benefits, job and education readiness, legal advocacy, and life skills training. Our program works in partnership with community resources to deliver evidence-based interventions aimed towards healing and empowerment.

Since we opened on September 29, 2017 our residents have received:

Group Sessions

Case Management Sessions

AA/NA Meetings

Physical & Mental Health Services

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When you first get out of being incarcerated, there’s a lot of stuff stacked against you. Magdalene has given me an opportunity to not only stay clean and sober, but to get good employment and medical insurance. It has given me the chance to get my life back and stand on my own two feet.
-Magdalene Resident