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The people who are being helped at Magdalene Serenity House need the kind of support that is just not found anywhere else. For these folks, it really does take a village and individualized attention and programming. This program is unique in that it can treat each resident individually and is not a prescribed program. Rather, MSH is able to really focus on each individual resident, their history, and their unique needs. I am a donor and volunteer because I see the value in the way MSH truly sees each resident and not just their issues.

Tina Moore

Donor & Volunteer

Magdalene Serenity House has given me the opportunity to eat healthy and learn to relax. Yoga has helped me tremendously. I am one year sober and I feel great. My future goals are to be a quilter, a yoga teacher, and possibly a paralegal. My relationship with my teenage son is excellent. He is not too far away and is doing his own program. We talk every day and I am glad I have the opportunity to fully rebuild my life.

Magdalene Resident

Transitioning out of prison into a place that is a real home and not just a facility and not having to worry about anything but my recovery has made all the difference to me. I know that without this I would have already been using again.

Magdalene Resident

I am very blessed to have been accepted to Magdalene House. I came from the Salvation Army. I was trying to do everything on my own and staying sober. Since being here staying on my sobriety has been much easier. I’m starting to get all my health and legal stuff done. I’m really learning so many ways to better myself and that I’m safe and that everyone her or involved with the house is truly here for you. So I’m truly blessed to be here and for the family I have now.

Magdalene Resident

I have volunteered at the women’s detention center in Fayetteville for several years, and the women there have touched my heart in a profound way. Many of them started life on a shaky foundation. Many of them were derailed by abuse or neglect. Many of them made one bad choice. Regardless of the different paths that brought them to prison, they share a common experience as they leave; they are frightened of making another mistake, they are understandably afraid for their future safety and security, their options for employment are slim, they are broken and need healing. Magdalene Serenity House is a solution for these women.

Anne O'Leary-Kelly

Board Member & Donor

I learned about MSH during my undergraduate career for social work. I was so excited at the possibility of becoming an intern for MSH and felt like a dream of mine was coming true. I saw the need for our community and felt as a student, it was the least I could do to give of my time and freely- to an organization I believed in whole-heartedly. Addiction and trauma are not resolved by short stays in treatment facilities, jail, or prison. Not by a willing or wishing from society or families for a person to get better either. Magdalene understood the complexity and was willing to go deep with a hand full of women and a mission to change the community generationally, one woman at a time. This program is something I am proud to be behind.

Ashley Graham MSW

Development Coordinator

Magdalene Serenity House has gave me the chance to stand on my own two feet again. I’ve got 2 years and 11 months sober and have gained full time employment. opened a checking account and purchased a car. I get to have regular visitation with my kids with the goal of regaining my custody. I am currently working on repairs at my house and purchasing the things I need to furnish it and will soon be going home. Magdalene Serenity House and its staff have given me a second chance at a normal life.

Magdalene Resident

I have been at Magdalene Serenity House for almost 10 months. Although my journey hasn’t always been the easiest, being at Magdalene, however made it easier. The love and support that one gets while being here is beyond amazing. When I was released from prison in October of 2018 everything was stacked against me. Things like no driver’s license, fines, old warrants, and some huge medical issues. But because I was here at Magdalene I had their love and support along with the grace of God. I now have my driver’s license back, I am paying on all of my fines and they will be fully paid off in a couple months. The warrants are gone, and not just one but both of my medical issues have been completely taken care of. Thank you Magdalene for helping me have a real chance at life after incarceration.

Magdalene Resident

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for their support, positive attitudes, encouragement, and patience. Without all of these things my recovery would seem next to impossible. Anything I’m interested in or have a question about is promptly supported and answered. I appreciate the enthusiasm to help. I love my life here and am excited about the direction I’m going.

Magdalene Resident

I’ve been here for almost five months and my life is really good and going so much better than I ever thought it could. I am grateful for all of our caring, patient staff: April, Ashley, Liz, and Kay. Thank you for all your help. I also live all our volunteers for their smiling faces and generous heart! This is an unbelievable opportunity.

Magdalene Resident