About Us

Heal One Woman, Heal A Community

Magdalene Serenity House is a healing sanctuary serving women who have experienced trauma, sexual exploitation, addiction, and incarceration by providing opportunities for community, and paths to flourish.

We provide a comprehensive, collaborative and structured residential program that can comfortably house up to 8 women for two years, at no cost to them.

Women admitted to Magdalene are committed to achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle, regaining control of their lives, and attaining financial independence.


Program Structure

Phase One

4-6 Months

Residents follow a structured program schedule focused on recovery and healing from trauma. All residents are connected with community providers to address mental and physical health needs. 

Phase Two

6-12 Months

Residents are required to obtain at least part-time employment and are encouraged to further their education. Phase Two residents are expected to participate in 15 hours of programming and continue to work on their recovery.

Phase Three

12-24 Months

Residents work closely with the program staff to transition into independent living. They are expected to participate in 15 hours of programming and provide leadership to newer residents.


24 Months & Beyond

After successful completion of the first three phases, residents graduate and become Sisters for Life. Sisters for Life are graduates who remain actively involved in the Magdalene community.

What Drives Us

Our Stories

After my fourth trip to prison, I knew that I had to try something different. Magdalene presented itself to me at my very lowest and desperate point. I got much more than a home when I came to Magdalene, I learned a whole new way to live. Since being at Magdalene I have obtained a full-time job teaching art to adults with disabilities. I have rebuilt my relationship with my family and my 10-year old son. Our relationship is the best it has ever been.