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Together, we can break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and incarceration.

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We help rebuild the lives of women who have experienced trauma, sexual exploitation, addiction, and incarceration through safe housing, long-term support, and community partnerships.

We provide a comprehensive, collaborative and structured residential program that can comfortably house up to 8 women for two years, at no cost to them.

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A New Path for Magdalene Serenity House

In December 2020, we took a leap of faith and purchased the adjacent property to MSH. This new home will allow up to four of our former residents to have safe, affordable housing as they build income and savings. The proximity of this home to our current property ensures additional support if our graduates need it.

We have raised the full cost of the purchase, but we must replace the electrical system, add smoke detectors, an oven & vent, replace a shower, and fully furnish the 1,360 square foot house. (A bonus — we have a full basement with bathroom and washer dryer and lots of potential program space, and a double garage.) Estimated costs to fully repair, finish the basement, and furnish — $230,000. To date, we have raised a little over $100,000 for renovations.

Our graduates are demonstrating that the healing sanctuary of Magdalene Serenity House works just as we envisioned. Women who have survived childhood trauma, sexual abuse, incarceration and addiction are finding freedom and agency in a safe, supportive environment — and they need local, safe, and affordable housing to continue on their journey. Help us open the road to recovery and health through this new aftercare home

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I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming today! Today because of the volunteers and people that work with me everyday at the Magdalene house I am able to be a better, friend, mother, and daughter! I am able to overcome anything and I know that no matter what the obstacle I have that the women that work here with me everyday will be there for me no matter what!! All with love compassion and patience… This program continues to change my life every single day! I’m so thankful for all the volunteers, staff, and donors! Thank you all for changing my life forever!