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April Bachrodt LCSW, PhD

Executive Director



Sophia Dugwyler

Resident Support Specialist



Ashley Graham LMSW

Assistant Director



Liz Sims LSW

Senior Operations Officer




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Lowell Grisham

Board President

Haley Hixson

Board Treasurer

Rogelio Garcia-Contreras

Board Member

Casey Jones

Board Member

Marsha Scott

Board Member

Jane Gearhart

Vice President

Stacey Park

Board Member

Jody Farrell

Board Member

Mark Koch

Board Member

Anne O'Leary-Kelly


Suzanne Stoner

Board Member

Brenda Gullett

Board Member

Amanda Rogers

Board Member
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I have been at Magdalene Serenity House for almost 10 months. Although my journey hasn't always been the easiest, being at Magdalene, however made it easier. The love and support that one gets while being here is beyond amazing. When I was released from prison everything was stacked against me. Things like no driver's license, fines, old warrants, and some huge medical issues. But because I was here at Magdalene, I had their love and support along with the grace of God. I now have my driver's license back, I'm paying on all my fines and they will be fully paid off in a couple months. The warrants are gone, and not just one but both of my medical issues have been completely taken care of. Thank you Magdalene for helping me have a real chance at life after incarceration.