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Resident Spotlight

This month we are spotlighting Anna, our most senior resident and candidate for graduation! We are inspired by her leadership and dedication to recovery!

My addiction started at the age of 17. I didn’t know at the time that an addiction was starting to form, I thought I was just experimenting until it took a turn for the worst. I began hiding from all my problems and I finally thought I found the solution when I was introduced to meth. Due to my addiction I lost friends, I lost loved ones and then I lost a home. I was in my addiction since 2013. I had thought I lost it all until I felt the pain of incarceration. I realized this addiction wasn’t going to be a part of my story anymore. I chose to come to Magdalene Serenity House (MSH) after finding the program online. I experienced trauma, addiction and incarceration and I was ready to rebuild my life. When I was put on the phone with MSH I realized I had a chance to create a better life for myself and that is exactly what has happened.

During my time here at Magdalene Serenity House I was given a support system. I’ve been shown that recovery is possible. I have rebuilt relationships with my family. I have believed in myself and have reached goals that at one point felt impossible and I am now over 1 year sober and clean.

My future plans/goals are to maintain employment and to have stability in my move from Magdalene Serenity House to the Aftercare Program. I am so thankful that I now have a future to look towards and forward to. My advice to others in recovery is to “Always remember why you started! When you choose to recover, miracles happen. Each time we choose to bring joy into our lives we transform the struggle into something beautiful. WE DO RECOVER.”

To anyone who believes they don’t have anything to offer anyone, it’s understandable. You are at the beginning stages of recovery. The fact that you are even thinking about getting help is already a story for others. Your story starts right here, right now. Choose recovery. It’s your turn to learn, grow, improve, heal and change. HEAL ONE WOMAN, HEAL A COMMUNITY

-Anna, MSH Graduation Candidate

Program Achievements

  • Two residents moved into Phase 2 and began working this month.
  • Two of our senior resident moved into Phase 3 and are eligible for graduation.
  • One of our graduates was promoted to First Assistant Manager at her job!
  • Sophia presented at the Second Annual Peer Conference in Little Rock.
  • We have a full house of residents. All are safe, healthy, and making great progress in their recovery!

Intern Spotlight

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Rymel. I am currently in grad school studying for my Master of Social Work degree at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where I received my bachelor’s in Social Work. I chose Magdalene Serenity House for my MSW internship because of the commitment they have made to heal women in the community who have experienced trauma, addiction, and incarceration. While I don’t have any personal experience with many of the things the women at Magdalene have overcome, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to listen and learn from their stories. After graduation in May, I hope to work at an agency/non-profit like Magdalene House that works with women directly to provide the resources they need for their journey in recovery.

In my free time, I enjoy going to local coffee shops, reading non-fiction, cheering on the razorbacks, and spending time with my fiancé and our two dogs!

In the Community

We love sharing our mission with the community! This month we presented to the Fayetteville Newcomer’s Club and the Fayetteville Northside Rotary. Want us to present to your community group? Email


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A special THANK YOU to:

  • Beth Bowen Dental Studio and Sequoyah Dental for donating dental care for our residents.
  • The University of Arkansas Walton College of Business for holding a clothing drive for our residents.
  • The Oasis of Hope Second Chance Thrift Store for providing the opportunity for each of our residents to shop at no cost.
  • Alan Dorey at Custom Aire for repairing our air conditioning unit at no cost.
  • And to all those who purchased items from our Amazon Wish List.

f you would like to support the women of Magdalene Serenity House by making an in-kind contribution of goods or professional services, please contact Joy Morris, Development Director at