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Resident Spotlight

My name is Cherie and I am 43 years old. I am the only child of two hard working parents. I grew up in Elkins and the South Side of Fayetteville. My childhood was pretty good, but I do remember having some insecurities at an early age and always had a void that was uncontrollable and needed to be filled. My introduction to substances began early in childhood, as I would steal sips of my dad and his friend’s beer. The first time I became drunk was at the age of 13 and throughout my teenage years it was mostly recreational/experimental use with weed, huffing spray paint, and occasionally alcohol. I was introduced to methamphetamines in the fall of 1997 when I was 18 years old and a whole new ball game began. I was insecure and fixated on weight issues and meth felt like a magic cure. The substances made me feel better and became my escape. This escape led me into a downward spiral into a cycle of using meth more and more. It never felt like enough. All of my relationships started to sever and I had many jail stays, a prison sentence, homelessness, and numerous near death experiences. Eventually the insanity of chasing this cycle and endless failures and breaking hearts led me to a deep pit of loneliness, despair, and self-made doom. I chose to come to Magdalene Serenity House because when I finally broke down and went to treatment last October 2020, my therapist mentioned there was a bed open. Through the last couple of years in my use I had been hearing of this place and it just resonated and confirmed it was the place I believed my higher power/universe was directing me to.

I like to think of my growth in recovery as an adventure, shedding the layers of the soul. It is exciting for me to have my mind clear out of the overwhelming haze of a reality completely obscured. I have gained clarity in my pursuit to dissect the rhyme and reason of what personally makes me tick and my heart beat and living a life on my terms and making the very best out of it for myself and my family. Now I have meaningful connections and want to continue to grow in the world. My future plan is to keep growing in my sobriety and to give back to the community in some way or form. I strive to be an example for my children and guide them with my knowledge, experience, and hope throughout their life. My number one goal is to fall in love with my passions and put my energy, integrity, and interests toward growth and learning.

My advice for others in recovery is to be fully surrendered in all that comes your way and be open minded throughout the process. Be still and trust and have faith in your higher power to believe in yourself and to know you are worth more than drugs and alcohol. You are worth an amazing life. Just breathe and be vulnerable.

– Cherie, Senior MSH Resident

Welcome Joy Morris!

We have officially welcomed Joy Morris to Magdalene Serenity House as our Director of Development. She will be handling all of your donation needs and can be reached at Welcome to the team!

Joy has been involved with Magdalene Serenity House for the past 2 ½ years through the Association of Fundraising Professionals Mentorship Program, helping establish fundraising policies and best practices. Joy was raised in Springdale, AR and received her Bachelors in Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She has experienced rewarding work as a professional non-profit fundraiser since 2004 at organizations such as Northwest AR Children’s Shelter, CASA of NWA, The New School and most recently at Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA. Joy was announced in the 2021 class of Certified Fund Raising Executives by CFRE International.

Joy lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Sean and daughter, Kenlee. She most enjoys watching her daughter play soccer and family time at the lake.

Program Achievements

  • One of our residents completed her final portfolio and is now eligible for graduation. Congratulations!
  • One of our newest residents saw her son for the first time in three years!
  • One resident paid off all of her fines and fees!
  • One resident is one month away from obtaining her matched savings! She plans to use her savings to purchase a reliable vehicle.
  • We have three residents in the workforce. Do you know of any employer who would want to partner with MSH? Email
  • We have a full house of residents. All are safe, healthy, and making great progress in their recovery!

Giving Back to our Community

We LOVED volunteering at New Beginnings Northwest Arkansas this month. They are an INCREDIBLE organization and we cannot wait to support their work to end homelessness in NWA! Have a volunteer opportunity for our residents? Email We enjoy serving our community!

Cleaning Out Your Closet?

Please consider donating gently used clothing to MSH. We are in need of a few specific items and a wide range of sizes. Most of our residents are in their mid-thirties. If you are interested in donating please contact

Thank You!

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped us with our program studio makeover. Our residents love the new paint and décor. We enjoy having a comfy, beautiful, therapeutic space for our daily programming!