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Graduate Update

This month we are checking back in with our first program graduate!

My name is Sophia Dugwyler and I graduated from Magdalene Serenity House in May of 2019. I have been clean and sober for four years and two months! The Magdalene program helped me learn how to live and thrive in the world as a person in recovery and provided me the opportunity to pursue a self-directed lifestyle. I enjoy the freedom of making good choices that allow me to live according to my values. After graduation I was faced with a whole new set of challenges. I found that it was pivotal for me to stay involved with the MSH program for continued support and to continue to lean on my support system and participate in the recovery community by continuing to work my 12-step program and engage in service work. This is a whole new lifestyle and I am learning to grow and adapt as life takes me through new phases.

Since graduating from MSH, my 13-year old son Skyler and I have settled down here in Fayetteville. We love this community and everything it has to offer. Recently, my son and I enjoyed a family vacation to New Orleans where we ate all of the seafood, explored the beautiful city, and learned about its rich history. I am glad to be back home from our trip because I missed my AA meetings, the ladies at MSH, and my routine. We plan to take a few small trips this summer to go floating, camping, and cooking out. My son Skyler and I continue to have a great relationship. He is becoming a man and I am learning how to support him through this transition. He is extremely funny, insightful, sarcastic, and clever. I see a lot of myself in him. I also have a daughter who I placed for adoption at birth who I recently reconnected with. I feel so fortunate that my daughter’s family supported her desire to meet me and hope that we continue to gradually build a healthy loving relationship. I also received my Peer Recovery Support Specialist Certification this year which has really helped me grow in my role at MSH as their Resident Support Specialist.

My future plans include working a lot on slowly building back up my life and learning how to maintain everything that is serving me today. I plan to stay in Fayetteville and plan on purchasing a house in the future. I still have a desire to pursue higher education and continue to grow in my skills. I want to continue to serve this population of women to the best of my ability and believe that MSH will promote that goal and help me see it through. I am confident that I will continue to be successful with the help of MSH and my recovery community.

Program Achievements

  • Our residents and staff remain safe and healthy. We are grateful to be able to continue serving women who have experienced trauma, addiction, and incarceration.
  • One resident graduated from our program!
  • Two graduates moved into the new Aftercare House.
  • One resident celebrated a year of sobriety!
  • One resident celebrated 7 months of sobriety. This is the longest she has been clean and sober since she was 13 years old.
  • We welcomed two new residents home this month!
  • One resident completed a 2 mile bike ride and received her driver’s license!

Intern Spotlight

HI! My name is Alex Gershon and I’m graduating with my bachelors degree in Social Work and a minor in Political Science at the end of the summer. I wanted to intern at Magdalene Serenity House because I admire the way that their program targets systemic issues in a holistic manner. It has been such a joy to witness the community that is MSH and get to spend this summer here!

Farewell to Jan Davis

Jan Davis, senior pastor at Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, will be moving to Texas at the end of this month to begin a new assignment at Mansfield United Methodist Church. She will be going home as she moved to Fayetteville five years ago from the North Texas area. The Magdalene Serenity House Board of Directors passed a resolution of appreciation for Jan during our June meeting.

From the beginning of her ministry at Central, Jan has been a steadfast supporter of Magdalene Serenity House. Her interest in our work, and the leadership she provided, resulted in significant support, not only from the church’s budget, but from its members individually. Central has nominated board members, provided meeting space and promoted our work well and often.

We will miss Jan and wish her the best in her new position.

-The MSH Team & Board of Directors

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Thank You!

  • We are grateful for our generous community of support. This month we received a $750 grant from Altrusa Fayetteville to purchase a high quality pair of tennis shoes for each of our residents. The women enjoyed shopping and picking out a pair of shoes to match their style!
  • A BIG thank you to all of the folks who have purchased items off our Amazon Wish Lists. Every purchase helps us continue to rebuild the lives of women who have experienced trauma, addiction, and incarceration.