As students young and old return to school this month, we want to celebrate the importance of lifelong education. Whether you are enrolled in a university or pursuing independent studies of your own, your continued pursuit of knowledge is extremely valuable.


There are so many reasons to continue your education in both your personal and professional life. Many studies have found that lifelong learning is an effective way to foster social inclusion and active citizenship. Likewise, a personal pursuit of knowledge can increase career prospects.


Personal studies can also aid in achieving personal fulfillment and satisfaction. According to the Corporate Finance Institute, continued education provides you with confidence and motivation. Especially for those experiencing burn out in their professional lives, pursing further knowledge can reignite your passions. And this is not restricted to your career. Lifelong learning is a great way to explore your personal interests and hobbies and boost creativity.


Lifelong learning means different things to everyone, including our residents at Magdalene Serenity House. Read on to see how our residents are pursuing continued education in their own lives.


As the school year starts up once again this month, we encourage everyone to find a subject they are passionate about and pursue further studies. Happy August!


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