At Magdalene Serenity House, we are proud to have staff members who hold a true passion for helping women on their journey to recovery. This week, we spoke with Sophia Dugwyler, Magdalene’s Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, about her work with the residents in our program. Read on to learn more about her story and the work she does with the women at Magdalene.

How did you get involved with Magdalene Serenity House?

“I lived with addiction for many years, was incarcerated multiple times, and completed the Magdalene program myself in 2019. Because we share lived experiences with addiction and incarceration, I can connect with our residents in ways that family members, doctors, and social workers cannot. I can empathize with the ladies’ struggles and share about what it was like for me to face those same challenges.”

How do you work with and support residents at Magdalene?

“I serve as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at Magdalene Serenity House. My certification helps me work with people in recovery in a professional capacity. I provide direct support to the women, assess individual needs, refer to other programs and community healthcare providers, facilitate groups, and participate in community outreach and education.”

Why do you believe that the work you do matters?

“I believe this work is important because peer support offers hope and direction to women who weren’t able to figure it out on their own. Showing the women unconditional love, support, and accountability on their recovery journey, enables them to focus on what’s important to them.”

We are extremely grateful for women like Sophia who care about the wellbeing of all women and use their own experiences to help others who have lived through similar struggles. Thank you for all you do for Magdalene, Sophia!

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