Happy July! This month, we are celebrating the different culinary traditions of our residents and discussing the value of diverse cuisine.


Author and journalist Michael Pollan said that “the more we honor cultural differences in eating, the healthier we will be.” Health isn’t just about fitness and nutrition. Heritage has an important impact on the food we eat. By considering the cultural significance of our food, we can form a greater unity between different people groups, especially in a country with such culinary diversity.


Making food can also have a personal significance. Baking cookies may remind you of time spent in the kitchen with your family. Or maybe you like to treat yourself with some quality time alone cooking your favorite meal. Whether your connection to food is cultural or personal, sharing stories about your favorite dishes and the fond memories you have of them helps us connect with each other on a deeper level.


This week, our residents shared their favorite foods and the special meanings they hold.


We hope you have a wonderful July and celebrate the month by sharing your favorite dishes with your favorite people.