At Magdalene Serenity House, we don’t only celebrate the completion of recovery but the entire journey of healing our residents have embarked upon, from beginning to end. Residency at Magdalene is only one part of their story. We want to also emphasize the importance of accepting our past and anticipating the future.

That’s why we give each resident the opportunity to share their stories as another step in their growth. This week, we spoke with Crystal, a Phase Two resident, about her life and experience at Magdalene Serenity House.


Crystal’s Story


I’m a 38 year old recovering addict who suffers from anxiety and PTSD. I’ve spent one year in prison at the Northwest Arkansas Community Corrections Center. What should have been the worst time of my life turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me at that particular time.

One thing I’ve learned is that doing this journey alone would have turned out very badly. I knew the only way I was going to stay safe was to ask for help. My mentors helped me make the right choices and guided me to Magdalene Serenity House. Miss Hill at the Northwest Arkansas Community Corrections Center recommended Magdalene Serenity House to me after she realized I truly wanted a life changing experience and to start a new journey in life.

Magdalene is a life saving experience, a dream come true with loving, respectful staff and a family of sisters. I plan to continue learning money management, to buy a house, to get my children back, and to live a safer, happier life.

I want to encourage others in recovery not to be afraid to ask for help. Changing the people, places and things I was used to was something that worked for me. NA, AA, and counseling also gives you something to look forward to.

Being scared and not knowing what’s next is part of recovery. Going to meetings and asking for help helps you not feel all alone. It works if you work it.

Thank you Crystal for sharing your journey to recovery and encouraging others to do the same!

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